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Cosmetics Testing
For over 10 years, the Skin Test Institute designs and realises in vivo efficacy tests on cosmetic products, active ingredients, cosmetic devices, medical devices, and food supplements. With our expertise in claims support and cosmetic industry knowledge, we deliver a superior service to worldwide companies.

Example of Claims



Body care

Types of claims

Reduces the appearance of cellulite, Helps reducing the adipocyte protrusion in dermis


Puffiness / Eye bags


Face care

Types of claims

Reduces the appearance of puffiness, Temporarily diminishes puffiness, Covers puffiness/bags, Eye-bag corrector, Anti-eye bags


Wrinkle reduction


Face care

Types of claims

Anti-wrinkle product, Fine lines and wrinkles appear/look reduced/diminished, Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, Smoothes wrinkles


Efficacy studies

Our in vivo efficacy tests provide evidence to validate general or specific claims of a product and give valuable feedback for marketing and product development.  Read more 


Clinical grading

Experts grade the skin with objective and scientific rigor according to a specific scale by touching, feeling and observing. Clinical grading helps to support claims related to product performance such as improvements of wrinkles, dryness, healthy look, roughness or pigmentation disorders. Read more 


Sensory evaluations

Sensory evaluations help to guide the development of new products or to compare them with competing products (benchmark) by translating consumer’s perceptions by means of objective methods.  Read more 


Safety studies

Our studies ensure that the product of the client meets the safety standards and the safety claims made about it. Read more 


Consumer / Use Tests

Our evaluations help to anticipate the consumers’ appreciation for a new product, to understand its strengths and weaknesses, to find the best target, and to support claims. Read more